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Upcoming gems in Jurong

Posted by Kaeden Ong on 22nd August 2014 in Blog

National Parks Board (NParks) will develop the Jurong Lake Gardens into a garden for the community, National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan said in a blog post yesterday.

Spanning over 70 hectare, the Jurong Lake Gardens will integrate Jurong Lake Park, the Chinese Garden and the Japanese Garden.

Mr Khaw described it as “a place where communities can come together from all over Singapore to co-create and maintain show gardens with the experts” where residents and visitors can access for leisure and recreation.

Heritage elements at the Chinese and Japanese Garden will be retained but refreshed as part of Jurong Lake Gardens, which will include Jurong Lake Park on the west side of the lake.

Jurong Lake Destination Park, which will include the Gardens, is slated to be completed in early 2017.

Jurong will also soon see the new Science Centre. “We will make it fun, educational and spectacular, in keeping with changing times and our achievements over the decades,” Mr Khaw wrote.

Its location will allow NParks to integrate the future Science Centre with the new Gardens, combining themes such as science, technology and horticulture. The new Science Center has taken longer to complete as works were shelved to spread out the demand for construction workers, according to earlier reports.

Mr Khaw added there are other plans for Jurong in the years to come, including major improvements to the transportation networks, which will be implemented in stages.

His blog post comes a day after the National Day Rally where Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong described the Jurong Lake Gardens as the crown of the Jurong Lake District although the Gardens are currently dated and under-utilised.

The Japanese and Chinese Gardens are managed by JTC, and the latter is a popular place to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Various HDB estates and private developments surround the proposed Jurong Lake Gardens, including MCL Land’s Lakeville which is expected to be completed in 2018.

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