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Real estate agents say no to Buffet

Posted by Kaeden Ong on 24th October 2014 in Blog

Real estate agents in the United Kingdom have given a lukewarm response to the idea of using Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway brand to market properties.

According to media reports it is likely that the Berkshire Hathaway name would cause confusion in the British estate agent market due to the county of the same name west of London.

Warren Buffet has already revealed plans to license his company’s name to estate agents in Europe and Asia.

Earlier this year the company had brought its plethora of utility companies, U.S. estate agencies and car dealers under the name. Now, according to reports, Buffet wants to license the brand to increase exposure in other areas including Asia.

Quoted in the British media Adam Day, founder of real estate agency Hatched, questionned the understanding of American businesses of the complex U.K. real estate market.

He said: “U.S. agent Keller Williams came over the U.K. recently banging their drum, but have made no impact that I can see. In fact, I haven’t seen any U.S. agent crack the U.K.

“We won’t be changing our name,” he confirmed.

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