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New Chestertons brand unveiled

Posted by Kaeden Ong on 7th June 2014 in Blog

Unveiled in April at the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park in London, the new Chestertons brand retains the company’s purple colour and features a logo with a unique device on the letter ‘n’.

The new branding will be a regular high street fixture from June.

Chesterton Global CEO, Robert Bartlett comments, “We needed a fresh new brand to celebrate all of the changes taking place within the company and to reflect the business that we are today, as opposed to the business that we were back in 2009, or indeed the business we started out as in 1805.”

In future, the company is focusing on the international markets.

In February, Chesterton Global, the owner of Chesterton Humberts, announced it will demerge the company to form two limited companies; ‘Chestertons’, which will focus on the company’s 29 London offices and 20 international branches; and ‘Humberts’, which will operate the 24 existing branches outside of Greater London.

The global rollout this June includes a number of senior appointments, and plans to further expand the branch network.

Donald Han, Chesterton Singapore Managing Director said the new brand is a step forward to be a globally-recognised real estate leader in Singapore and South East Asia.

He added, “Singapore is fast becoming a strategic hub for investors and is seen by many as a safe haven for Asia. Despite strong Asian economic growth in the last four years, geo-political risk remains as a major concern amongst investors. The emergence of any new risk in a form of territorial dispute or political unrest in Asia can cause seismic shift of investment dollars to Singapore.”

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