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HSR salespersons can receive 100% commission

Posted by Kaeden Ong on 4th September 2014 in Blog

HSR International Realtors has launched a new commission scheme today, making it the first mega real estate agency to offer 100% commission.

Named the “100% Powered Scheme”, the company said it is the first and only commission plan in the market which pays salespersons the full commission.

Currently, typical commission payout across the industry ranges from 70 to 90 percent, depending on the experience and performance of the salesperson.

With this scheme starting from 1 January 2015, salespersons earning 90 percent commission, will be entitled to the full 100 percent commission once they achieve earnings of $38,000 in each 12-month cycle.

The scheme also provides a comprehensive range of services to support salespersons such as enhanced information technology, operational efficiency and administrative support, research reports, legal advice, communications support, marketing products and training.

“I believe this new commission scheme will be a game changer. This plan will change the way the industry works and motivate our salespersons to persevere and excel,” CEO of HSR International Realtors Anne Tong said.

She added, “This maximum commission payout is aimed at rewarding salespersons for their effort, encouraging more commitment from salespersons and ultimately raising the standard of the industry. We understand that our salespersons need our support and a bit of a boost to help them grow their business, particularly during this challenging market, so this launch is definitely timely.”

As part of the “100% Powered Scheme”, salespersons currently on the entry level 70 percent commission, will be automatically promoted to the 80 percent commission level.

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