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Framework to guide HDB homes of the future

Posted by Kaeden Ong on 18th September 2014 in Blog

HDB will introduce the “Smart” element in HDB towns and estates under a new “Smart HDB Town Framework”, which was unveiled at the HDB PEAK (Professional Engagement And Knowledge-Sharing) Forum today.

The framework focuses on four key aspects.

Firstly, by using computer simulation and data analytics, Smart Planning will enable HDB to improve the way it plans and designs its towns, precincts and buildings. It also derives solutions to achieve sustainability goals.

HDB will also look into linking estates with a network of sensors to create a Smart Environment. These sensors will capture real-time information on environmental factors. Innovative solutions can then be found to create a more pleasant environment for residents.

The third element, Smart Estate will see HDB leveraging on technologies to collect and analyse data which helps to optimise maintenance cycles and pre-empt problems. Some of the technologies that the government will look into test-bedding include smart lighting with sensors, and smart pneumatic waste conveyance system.

Lastly HDB will provide digital infrastructure in flats to pave the way for intelligent homes as part of Smart Living. Residents will be able to tap on smart home applications such as the elderly alert systems to monitor for elderly relatives to keep them safe.

HDB’s CEO Dr Cheong Koon Hean said, “HDB has, in the past few years, introduced many fresh ideas into our plans and designs. Our next exciting step is to embark on the development of the Smart HDB Town. We want to leverage on Information and Communication Technology to make HDB towns and estates more liveable, efficient, sustainable and safe for our residents.”

To assess the viability and suitability of these proposals, HDB will pilot selected smart initiatives in Punggol Northshore before extending them to other HDB estates.

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