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Courting couples say no to giving absolute priority

Posted by Kaeden Ong on 15th June 2014 in Blog

Despite their desire to be near their parents, 20 courting couples believe those applying for a public flat in the same estate as their parents should not be given absolute priority.

The couples, aged between 22 and 34, voiced this at a discussion on public housing organised by the Ministry of National Development (MND) on Saturday, according to the media.

Participants said they prefer to live away from their parents in order to avoid conflict and to have some privacy.

However, they also want to be adequately near their parents, for support and to reduce the time spent on travel when visiting them.

Participants also point to parents’ mobility and health as some of the reasons why they decide to move in with their parents.

Nonetheless, their wish to be near their parents is outweighed by the chance to live in a mature estate. Notably, over 50 percent of the participants are currently staying in non-mature estates.

While majority of them are not in favour of giving absolute priority to those applying for a flat in the same estate as their parents, they agree on giving more ballot chances to these applicants.

“The resale value of a flat in the mature estates is substantially higher than those in the non-mature estates. So in giving absolute priority to those whose parents live in a mature estate, it is unfair to those whose parents are not (living) in a mature estate,” noted participant Geraldine Wong.

Credits: Singapore Business Review

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