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Condo’s design may encourage mosquito breeding

Posted by Kaeden Ong on 7th August 2014 in Blog

More condominiums have unique water features, and some of these are turning into mosquito breeding areas, according to media reports.

The Association of Property and Facility Managers said one way to prevent mosquito breeding is to ensure areas are designed in a way that facilitates maintenance and cleaning.

For example, the contractor for the Arc @ Tampines ensures the ground on which the air-conditioner is placed slopes slightly, to prevent water retention.

There were also media reports on residents and workers at Ferraria Park condominium along Flora Drive being infected with dengue. To address the problem, the condominium management upped the maintenance budget by 20 percent, and increased the frequency of fogging to twice a week

President of the Singapore Institute of Architects Theodore Chan believes the whole industry should pay more attention to this issue, and hopes developers and the parties involved can see the value in investing in solutions for retention problems.

“When something becomes more difficult to maintain, there is always a cost implication. For example, you need to provide more covers for open drains – and any cover that you install will cost money,” he said.

“We live in very close proximity and Singapore’s environment is going to get even more dense. So everybody has got to play their part,” added Chan.

Credits: Property Guru

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